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Leopard Faux Suede Scuba, 59inch/150cm wide, by the meter - LAST CHANCE

Leopard Faux Suede Scuba, 59inch/150cm wide, by the meter - LAST CHANCE

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This Leopard faux-suede material is 310gsm of lofty goodness.  It's a double knit scuba/neoprene that is 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane.  When backed in our 120gsm STIFI (fusible interfacing that comes in both black and white), it becomes completely stretch-free, and when backed with our 210gsm Xtra-STIFI, it feels like a nice weight faux suede leather.  Turn your bag right side out (and wrong side out again if you need to fix a seam, then right side out again lol) with ease. It does not mind being squished!

Our Ambassador at Eko Valley Apparel made this beauty of a bag with it, backed with the 120gsm STIFI.  

Sold by the meter in continuous lengths.  Comes folded because it doesn't crease.

This is a LAST CHANCE product.  When it sells out, it will not be restocked, so if you love it, grab it all now! ;) 

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In a nutshell, the black finish is a thin coating on top of a silver coloured base metal like zinc or aluminum. It's gorgeous, but it isn't perfect. Be aware that the matte finish is more prone to showing imperfections,, and the coating in general can wear off over time. If you scratch it with something sharp, the silver underneath can become visible.


They are cut by the meter (not yard)- but a meter is 39.5". I like to round up to 40" when I measure and cut your order, so you get a little more than a meter each time!


How many darkest bag supplies are in this shop? At the time of my July 2023 inventory count, there are 335 unique items!


It's just me 99% of the time. My boyfriend occasionally helps bag hardware.


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Customer Reviews

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Paula Ford
Leopard Faux Suede Scuba

I haven’t used this fabric yet but can’t wait to do so. It is beautifully soft and has a vibrant colour. I just can’t decide which bag pattern to make with it. This will obviously be a bag for me.

Softest fabric ever

I ordered this on a whim because I’m a sucker for leopard print and I’m so glad I did. This is just so soft and has a wonderful weight to it. I can’t wait to use it.

Linda of Lányos Handmade
So happy I grabbed this!

I love this stuff, ordered a bunch! But now I am torn - I could make myself a large slouchy hobo bag … or I could make myself a heavy weight hoodie!