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SWATCH CLUB - One of Everything in #5 Nylon Zipper Tape

SWATCH CLUB - One of Everything in #5 Nylon Zipper Tape

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Hey Zipper Lovers! Become a life-long member of the SWATCH CLUB by buying this 'One of Everything' set of swatches, and enjoy new zipper swatches sent to you for free, each time new ones arrive!

That's it, that's all you need to do to join the club - just add this in your cart with all of the other products you're buying, and get new #5 zipper swatches for free, for life! 

If you're curious, as of April 2024, there are 64 zippers in #5, in stock.
Zipper swatches are 5" in length, except for the Bats and Rainbows.  They are 10" long swatches so that you can see the full repeat.  
Swatches come with rings to sort them on.  They come mostly grouped by colour, but feel free to play around with them and arrange them however you like.  :)  

- For every 10 or so new zippers that are added, the price of the whole set increases by a smidgen.  So get it now at its current price!  ;)
- Zippers that are low in stock and are not being replaced may not be included in the set.
- Some zippers from the Clearance section may be included in the set if there is plenty of stock left.
- #3 zippers are not included because they all have a #5 counterpart that is already included in the set.
- You can take a lighter to the ends of the swatches, if they fray.  But not the Silverado or All That Glitters (silver and gold) zippers, because they're silk, not synthetic. They'll light on fire.  Ask me how I foolishly found that out?  lol!
- If you don't need a whole set of swatches - you can find individual swatches HERE.

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In a nutshell, the black finish is a thin coating on top of a silver coloured base metal like zinc or aluminum. It's gorgeous, but it isn't perfect. Be aware that the matte finish is more prone to showing imperfections,, and the coating in general can wear off over time. If you scratch it with something sharp, the silver underneath can become visible.


They are cut by the meter (not yard)- but a meter is 39.5". I like to round up to 40" when I measure and cut your order, so you get a little more than a meter each time!


How many darkest bag supplies are in this shop? At the time of my July 2023 inventory count, there are 335 unique items!


It's just me 99% of the time. My boyfriend occasionally helps bag hardware.


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