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Zipper Nuggets

Zipper Nuggets

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Nugget Flavours

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Are the zipper lengths of most of your bag-making projects 20"(50cm) or shorter? 

Do you want a plethora of choice of matte black zipper teeth in your stash?

Or perhaps you just want to see each colour in person, to help you pick your favourites to stock up on that match with your other supplies? 

The maybe these delectable little Zipper Nuggets are just what you are craving!

Our Menu of Tasty Little Morcels:

One of Everything - One of every #5 zipper tape in stock at the time of purchase.  
Chef's Choice - Feeling like having a bit of fun and are willing to let me curate a bundle of 25 x #5 zipper nuggets for you?
Rainbows - Eat fruit and veggies from every colour of the rainbow!  ("Okay, Mom")
Monochromatic - Ten pieces of zippers that are black, white and grey.
Metallics - Do you fancy the shimmery zippers?  You'll get 10 shiny zipper nuggets.

The Blues - Ten pieces of blues to blue-green hues.
Hawt Stuff -  Turn up the heat with pinks, reds and oranges.
Citrus Fruit - Yellows, greens and oranges for a citrus splash. 
Fit for Royalty - Purples for the Majesty, and pinks for the Princesses
Groovy 70's -  Neutrals, oranges, and browns.
The 80's Called - They want their neons back. 
Coming Up All 3's - One of every #3 zipper tape
Matching #3s with #5s - One of every #3 zipper tape with their matching #5 counterpart (as of January 2024, there are twelve size #3 zippers, so this bundle will have 24 pieces.)

1. These are precut, so buying multiple quantities, they will not come in continuous lengths. 
2. Except for the bundles that specify having #3 zipper tape, all other bundles will be exclusively consisting of #5 zipper tape.   
3. Bundles are created using whatever products are currently in stock at the time of purchasing a bundle, so they may differ slightly from the photo.  Every attempt will be made to update the photos of the bundles as new colours come in, but consider the photos as possible bundle examples only.
4. Ok slight amendment to Note number 3 above - some zipper bundles may have zippers that are currently low in stock, so by the time you get the bundle, it's possible you have a rare, never to be seen again zipper tape.  Cherish it.  (lol! I'm kidding about cherishing it. You should definitely use it!).  
5. If I temporarily run out of a zipper colour making a themed bundle fall short of its total pieces, I'll sub in a #5 black zipper tape, or I'll mark it as Sold Out until restock arrives.

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In a nutshell, the black finish is a thin coating on top of a silver coloured base metal like zinc or aluminum. It's gorgeous, but it isn't perfect. Be aware that the matte finish is more prone to showing imperfections,, and the coating in general can wear off over time. If you scratch it with something sharp, the silver underneath can become visible.


They are cut by the meter (not yard)- but a meter is 39.5". I like to round up to 40" when I measure and cut your order, so you get a little more than a meter each time!


How many darkest bag supplies are in this shop? At the time of my July 2023 inventory count, there are 335 unique items!


It's just me 99% of the time. My boyfriend occasionally helps bag hardware.


If you are in North America and want to add onto an existing order, please use the discount code "AddOn1" at checkout to remove the shipping fee on uour additional orders.
See the Shipping Policies for full details.


Hey - thanks for visiting my little shop today!
It exists because you are here! <3

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tracy H
Great Zippers and Pulls

Love the zipper pulls I ordered. Quick delivery and a few 'extras' in my parcel made me smile. Thanks for great quality products and putting a smile on your customer's face!

Margaret Liber
Great colours

Just got my package and was so excited to see the zipper colours.

yummy nuggets!

These are the PERFECT size for the bags I make! The color selection is great! Sure I’ll be ordering more!