Leap Year Sale!

Leap Year Sales Event by Atelier Fiber Arts, RC Threadcraft, and The Moody Sewist
The Canadians are Collaborating to bring you a Cool Sale!

🎉 **Leap Year Sale Event!**

Join us for an extraordinary leap year sale hosted by your three favourite Canadian hardware suppliers:
🌈 **RCThreadcraft** www.rcthreadcraft.com - Your source for Rainbow Bag Supplies
🖤 **Atelier Fiber Arts** - Providing the Darkest Bag Making Supplies
🥉 **Moody Sewist** www.themoodysewist.com - Offering Antique Bronze Hardware

📅 **Date**: From midnight Atlantic on February 29th to midnight Pacific on March 3rd.

💰 **Special Offer**: Spend C$100 or more at each shop and save 29% on your purchase! Also, free North American shipping on orders over C$200, at each participating shop!

Stock up on top-quality bag-making supplies and accessories at unbeatable prices during this limited-time sale. Don't miss out!

No discount codes needed at checkout either, at any of the shops! 

Greetings Ghouls,

And all my Stichin' friends!

I introduced Treat bags in September because Halloween was coming, but technically Halloween is always coming since it happens every year LOL!
So I'm keeping them, and every parcel will get one. They contain one free product, a scratch card (they're all winners!), a sticker, and sometimes an extra silly goodie just for fun.

Happy sewing!

Zipper Nuggets Atelier Fiber Arts

Fresh out of the deep fryer!

Come 'n' get your tasty nuggets! (You'll have to provide your own dipping sauce. ) These delectable morcels of zipper tape come in half meter (20") lengths! If your projects often require zippers not longer than 20", and you want to beef (er, poultry?) up your stash with lots of variety, these buckets of (inedible, sorry) nuggets are what you're craving! (ok, I think I've run out of food puns lol)

Get your buckets of nuggets here!


If you have a discount code, please enter it BEFORE checking out. I can't apply discounts after the fact as there is no back-end option.
If you had a code but lost it, click the chat button or send me an email. I can retrieve it for you!