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12 Day (or Week if you're incredibly patient!) Countdown Box!

Count down the days leading up to a special occasion, like a birthday, or the New Year, or retirement, or the start of a cool new job, or the 12 days of Christmas, or as a reward for getting your bookkeeping done finally (that's a serious event for me lol!) or reaching a milestone on a health goal. 

Or, if you want to practice patience, you could stretch the countdown to 12 weeks!  Twelve weeks before the birth of your grandkid, or 12 weeks to your wedding, or to get you through the cold weeks of winter.  Winter is coming.  (I live in Canada. Three crappy months per year is virtually inevitable. :P
Editing to add: Ok, so the *calendar* may think there's only 3 months of winter, but it's actually more like 6 months in many places! It's already snowing in Saskatchewan!)

You can also get this for a gift for your sew bestie, to bring them over to the Dark Side of the Hardware World, Muahahahaha!  Unless they're already Matte Black fans, in that case, get them the gift of receiving hardware they didn't have to buy for themselves for their birthday.  If you're the spouse of a bag-maker, you could get them this instead of a gift certificate, *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*.

Each box is different, and since I have over 300 products, there's a very good chance you won't have any repeats if you buy more than one box.  The value of the contents will be between $68-$75Cdn. 
Each little individually wrapped product will be numbered.
There's also a handwritten card in each box.  If you would like me to personalize it for you or your recipient, leave a comment at checkout with their first name, and optionally, the event they are counting down to. 

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