Placing multiple orders? With your first order, select the AddOn shipping option at checkout. It will charge you the shipping but also advise me to hang onto your order. When placing additional orders, use the same shipping option, but also use the discount code "AddOn1" at checkout to remove the shipping fee.


Once you've placed your order, it will be assumed that you read these important details, and the policies, and agreed to their contents.


Sezzle is available! It may be hiding on the last page of checkout, after confirming your address. Look for a drop-down menu that says Alternative Payment Methods.


What payment methods do you accept?

VISA, MasterCard, Shop Pay, Sezzle, and Paypal. Please note that the available payment methods may change depending on your region. 

What is the Return Policy?

No returns necessary.  If a product arrives damaged and unusable, please notify me immediately so that we can decide on either a partial or full refund, or replacement.  The full details can be found in our Refund Policy

Can I add on to an order, or combine multiple orders to save on Shipping?

Yes you can! Please use the code "AddOn1" at checkout on your additional orders. If you forget, and send me an email instead to ask me to combine, I may miss it! I often ship faster than the frequency that I check my emails!

When will I receive my order?

Orders are processed within 3 business (week days) of receiving your order.  Once it has shipped, you can track it by:
- logging into your account on this website, and go to your order page. 
- through Shop if you paid by Shop Pay.
- through PayPal if you paid by PayPal
- your shipping confirmation email.
If you can't find your tracking number, click on the Live Chat button at the bottom of my website and ask me to grab it for you.  By logging into your account first before contacting me, the system will show me all the important details of your order and I can quickly and easily find the answers you seek.
I recommend signing up for alerts on the courier's website. 
Note for international orders, Canada Post tracking will end when it reaches the border. You can continue tracking via the USPS website.

What do I do if I never received my order?

Carrier tracking would provide you with up-to-date information about your package. If it gets stuck or never gets delivered to you, please contact me using the Chat button at the bottom of my website, and we can assist you with the next steps.  The first step is to call or physically go to your closest post office to see if they have your package there, and is waiting for you to collect it.  Couriers are supposed to leave you a delivery slip on where and when to pick up your package if it was not deliverable to your door, but sometimes that blows away, or doesn't get left at your door for various reasons.  Once you have verified that the post office doesn't have it, I will be able to put in a claim to have it searched for, or declared missing. All packages are shipping with tracking and insurance for situations like this so that we can refund or replace your order, based on your preferences and availability of products.

Do you ship Lettermail?

I do not offer lettermail shipping.

What sort of things can I write in the Order Special Instructions box?

If you wish to have your order held because you want to come back for more products later (or are placing a separate order for Retail and Pre-Order products), you can put that information in that box. Please don't make special requests for things that are already covered in the FAQs, Refund or Shipping policies.
If you have any questions you want answered, please click the Chat box at the bottom of the page. The Order Special Instructions box is best used for leaving a note, rather than asking a question, as I have no direct way to respond to it.
You can totally leave me short stories and funny jokes in that box though.

About that Discount Code...

If you have a discount code, please enter it BEFORE checking out. I can't apply discounts after the fact as there is no back-end option. I can only refund individual products, the whole order, or the shipping. Just like on Etsy, I pay commission fees to my website host and PayPal on your whole order, including the shipping, that aren't refunded to me when I process a refund.
You get 100% back, the big corpos get to keep their fees, and I lose several dollars. Let's minimize this as much as possible!
If you had a discount code but lost it, click the Live Chat button to speak to me. I can retrieve the code for you!
Too excited to wait for me to retrieve the code? You can always use "Welcome10" right now and always, for 10% off your order!

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