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Fractured Images

A little something between appliqué quilting and foundation paper piecing. So easy to do that you'll feel like you've teleported back to a simpler time in life, doing an arts and crafts project in elementary school.  
The Fractured Image Technique, by Yanicka Hachez
Heart's Desire free Fractured Image pattern and tutorial by Yanicka HachezHeart's Desire Fractured Image by Yanicka Yachez

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The True Cost of Quilts

Do you want to ask a friend who sews if they can make you a quilt and are wondering what it might cost?  Or are you a quilter who has been asked by someone if you can make them a quilt and for how much?
This blog post can help you estimate the cost of a quilt, from material costs and time involved, in Canadian dollars in the year 2019.  Fabric is estimated at $17 a meter, and labour is estimated at a minimum wage of only $12 an hour.  Provincial taxes on materials are not included, as well as equipment costs or electricity, or machine maintenance, because these things are free right?  No, it's just that these vary too greatly in price, so I've left them out of the calculations.
Made in the USA - what do quilts cost to make?

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I Found This Crocheted 2" Lace Doily In My Sewing Box

Spool Pin Doilies
Do you have one of these pretty little crocheted flowers in your sewing box and wonder what they are for?  Yes, these tiny doilies have a purpose!  At around 2" wide, they're too small to be coasters... so what are they?

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