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Fusible Interfacing in 2m cuts - White, Black and X-tra STIFI, 112cm (44in) wide

Fusible Interfacing in 2m cuts - White, Black and X-tra STIFI, 112cm (44in) wide

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(pronounced like "stiffy" haha!)

Woven interfacing in three options:
White STIFI (120gsm),
Black STIFI (120gsm), and 
X-tra STIFI (210gsm) (extra stiff, teehee, anyway...)

This interfacing is 100% woven cotton, and fusible with a generous coat of glue. 
The 120gsm is similar to Pellon SF101 but it's a little heavier, and is more than twice the width, measuring at 112cm (44″) wide! 

The 210gsm is similar in rigidity to Decovil Light 525, but it doesn't require 30 minutes to cool down before handling.  It's also less expensive, and easier to push through the turning hole of your bag. It doesn't wrinkle, or peel off, either! 
The black interfacing is ideal for dark fabrics as it keeps your dark fabric rich.  It's also a great way to finish the back side of vinyl for card slots! 

Fuse it on a medium-high temperature with no steam. (Steam doesn't harm it though, so I guess it's just a matter of preference, or what kind of press you're using - heat press vs steam iron.) Press (not slide) your iron for 10-12 seconds then lift and move onto the next area to be fused.


      • If you're getting bubbling, your temperature is set too high.
      • Use STIFI first, then apply any other interfacing or stabilizer as required.

        120gsm in White
        120gsm in Black
        210gsm in White

        Width: 112cm / 44" 

        Sold in 2 meter pre-cuts   (2 meters = 2.187 yards)

        Note: Pre-cut, folded and bagged at manufacturer, so be aware that slubs or blemishes may be present.  If you receive a piece with a large unusable area, send me a message through the Chat button on the website so we can find a resolution (such as refund, or replace, or discount, etc), or an email to  

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        DID YOU KNOW?


        In a nutshell, the black finish is a thin coating on top of a silver coloured base metal like zinc or aluminum. It's gorgeous, but it isn't perfect. Be aware that the matte finish is more prone to showing imperfections,, and the coating in general can wear off over time. If you scratch it with something sharp, the silver underneath can become visible.


        They are cut by the meter (not yard)- but a meter is 39.5". I like to round up to 40" when I measure and cut your order, so you get a little more than a meter each time!


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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Josee McFarlane
        Xtra STIFI

        I love the stiffness it provides. I only rated it 4 stars because I had to reheat the interfacing after I birthed the bag. It peeled away from the fuzzy backed vinyl I was using.

        tremblay johanne

        J'adore , il est facile à utiliser et tient bien sur le tissus.

        Adrienne Lau

        Love the product and Manda is always great!

        Tracy Macneil

        I just love your products. From the selection of zipper tape to the new webbing, hardware.and new vynal.the selection of interlacing is great, I prefer a heavy weight and your x-tra stiifi is perfect for my application. Keep up the great work.!!!!!!

        Shawna Nelson

        Love this stuff! I use it instead of fusible fleece as well - way less wrinkling!! ❤️