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Dorothy and her Colourful Adventure

Dorothy and her Colourful Adventure

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Story Time! 
Once upon a time, Dorothy, with her little dog Toto at her side, sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Then a tornado came along and her house was airlifted to not-Kansas, and landed on a Wicked Witch from the East side. Her legs were sticking out from under the house and there Dorothy saw a pair of beautiful Ruby Slippers. "Wow, it's so colourful here Toto, I get the feeling we're not in Kansas anymore".
Glinda, the Good Witch (tm) said "take 'em shoes, they're yours now", and some Munchkins sang "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" to the Emerald City where a Wizard will help you get home.
Along the way, the Wicked Witch of the West side tried to get in Dorothy's way, and made a sleepy field of Poppies.  Dorothy, Toto, and her friends Tin Man, Scare Crow, and Cowardly Lion took a much-needed nap because that walk was really long, and then found their way to Emerald City.
The Wiz said "Hop in my balloon" but oops, he left without her. She remembered some random thing Glinda told her and she clicked her heels together three times, reciting "There's no place like home". Poof! She was home again in black-and-white Kansas.
The End.

That story inspired this collection of 8 zipper nuggets (1/2 meter - 20in), 10 zipper pulls, and 2 meters each of 1" and 1.5" webbing.
The #5 zippers are:
Rainbow - for the song, 
Silverado - for Tin Man,
Sanguine and Metallic Red - for the ruby slippers
Bumblebee with Black stripes - for the yellow brick road
Beetlejuice Green with Black stripes - for the Wicked Witch of the West's shoes
Beetlejuice Green and Metallic Green - for Emerald City.

Webbing is Wonky Stripes because they reminded me of a road, it coordinates with the striped zippers, and the green dots match the WWoftheW.  There are 2 meters of 1" wide, and 2 meters of 1.5" wide webbing.

The #5 zipper pulls are one of each of: 
Click Your Heels (pair of ruby slippers),
I Get The Feeling (Dorothy),
And Your Little Dog Too (Toto),
Off to See the Wiz (matte black Emerald City),
Emerald City,
G-Linda is Good (Glinda),
Pair-O-Legs (matte black legs), 
Nessarose's Wickedly Witchy Red Shoes (Ruby Slippers on legs), 
Elphaba's Wickedly Witchy Shoes (Green Slippers on legs)
Poppies - for the field

This bundle is at least 20% off retail prices. 


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In a nutshell, the black finish is a thin coating on top of a silver coloured base metal like zinc or aluminum. It's gorgeous, but it isn't perfect. Be aware that the matte finish is more prone to showing imperfections,, and the coating in general can wear off over time. If you scratch it with something sharp, the silver underneath can become visible.


They are cut by the meter (not yard)- but a meter is 39.5". I like to round up to 40" when I measure and cut your order, so you get a little more than a meter each time!


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It's just me 99% of the time. My boyfriend occasionally helps bag hardware.


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