Collection: COMING SOON! 25% OFF

Showing off what's coming back in stock and what's new. 
The photos aren't the prettiest - many are from my supplier before they packed and shipped them to me.  Not that I am a fantastic photographer, mind you, but I do try to take nicer photos than my supplier stock photos.  lol

Products in this collection are already en-route to me, so I've put them up for pre-sale at 25% off retail, until the product arrives.  You won't need a discount, it will be applied automatically at checkout!  Once they get here, all pre-sale orders will be shipped out before the remaining stock gets listed on the website.  So extra bonus!  Discounted AND you get them before anyone else does.  ;)

When will these arrive to AFA HQ? 
PULLS & Custom Cat Hardware:  These are en route by air with an approximate eta of July 3rd
ALL OTHER HARDWARE: These are en route to be my boat with an approximate eta of July 10th
ZIPPERS: They are en route to me with an approximate eta of June 26th
Keep checking back here for the eta - I'll update progress whenever something changes.  Until they reach Canada, my UPS tracking numbers don't give an actual delivery date.

Cubbies, Adding on, and Combining orders
CUBBIES: Yes. you can put both retail and pre-sale items on the same order, and only pay for shipping once! I'll hang onto your order and only ship when the last pre-sale items on your order arrives.
ADD ON AND COMBINE: Want to place an order now, and another one later when all the pre-sale items arrive, but only pay for shipping once? In the Shipping options at Check Out, choose the Add On option, and pay for shipping on your first order.  That will let me know to hang onto your first order.  When you come back for more, use the Add On shipping option again, but also add the "AddOn1" discount code to remove the shipping.  When you're completely done shopping, just shoot me an email telling me it's ok to ship everything.   You can reply to the Order Confirmation of any of your combining orders to reach me.