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          • 2.5 meters of quilting cotton in various sized cuts, depending on the project
          • An exclusive in-house made pattern
          • Spools of thread (1x500m+3x100m or 2x500m)
          • 10 mini clips  
          • Surprise extras 
          • A raffle ticket
What else?
There are occasional random contests for Stashers, with more prizes and extras to be had.  I'm always just an email away if you have questions on the patterns, and there is a Facebook Group you can join if you want to be a part of a fun little community of quilters from across North America.
WARNING:  Joining the Stashers will be like joining a fabric cult! ;)  If you stick around for a few months or longer, we will get to know each other and you may make some new friends, especially if we follow each other on Instagram (@atelierfiberarts) or you follow my Facebook page (@quiltersstashbuilder)
Quilter's Stash Builder Box

Monthly Billing Details
Sign up for the monthly box any time before the 10th of the month to receive the current month.  You will only be billed on the 10th of each following month for as long as you are subscribed.  

Example of when you purchased and when it is shipped:
The Cycle of purchase date, shipping date and recurring billing date
Purchases and sign ups after the 10th of the current month and before the 10th of next month, means your box will ship by the 15th of the following month. 
Before the 10th of the current month means your box will ship by the 15th of the current month.

Shipping Details
All the boxes (One-Time, Monthly and Prepaid) are shipped by the 15th of the month. Tracked and insured shipping is included to Canada and Continental USA.  If you were to see The Team I'm working with, you'd understand why it takes us a few days to pack your goodies, label all the boxes, and drop them off at the courier.
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We have a FAQ page if you need more information, and if there are any question that you can not find an answer to, please send us an email!